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  • Call Us: +266 2232 5722
  • Corner Kingsway and Pioneer Road Maseru

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Events held and scheduled by us

Join us for our book club every Saturday at 10h00 to discuss relevant literature on our society's most pressing issues over some tea and cakes at only M100.00 per sitting. Interested? Give us a call at 2232 5722/ WhatsApp 5975 0598 or email us at: culture@afmaseru.org.ls

Sign up your little one to our Arts and Crafts Winter Special edition at only M55.00 per hour every Tuesdays and Thursdays! The kids get to create creative projects to take home and show off to their family and friends. Sign up today by giving us a call or emailing culture@afmaseru.org.ls Register a week before your preferred class date.

Have fun this Winter Holidays!! Come play board games with us and choose from over 67 different games that will change your intellectual rigour. Interested? Contact us by visiting us at the Corner Kingsway and Pioneer Roads or give us a call at: 2232 5722 or WhatsApp: 5975 0598. You can alternatively email us at: culture@afmaseru.org.ls.

Join us every Wednesdays and Saturdays for Time for Yoga program of a guided experienced teacher with 4 optional hours and prices ranging from: M75.00 per hour, M150.00 per 2 hours, M300.00 per 4 hours and M550.00 per 8 hour(discount) For more information: Give us a call at: 2232 5722 or WhatsApp: +266 5975 0598

Alliance Française de Maseru is looking a qualified candidate fill in a 6 months internship position in Culture and Library department. Sent your Resume to culture@afmaseru.org.ls before the end of June. Please find the attached application details here:

Join us every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm to be part of the Alliance Française Yoga team guided by an experienced teacher. Join us with only M600.00 per month for 2 hours program per week. Interested? Give us a call at +266 2232 5722 or email: culture@afmaseru.org.ls

Subscribe your kids (3 > 6 / 7-12 years) for a two-hour program of guided fun with an experienced teacher every Saturday from 3pm to 5pm for only 350 Maluti per month! Interested in signing your kid up for the fun? Contact us by visiting us at the Corner Kingsway and Pioneer Roads or give us a call at 22325722 / or WhatsApp at 59750598. Alternatively, you can email us at culture@afmaseru.org.ls! Limited sports available, sign up now!

Do you want to learn chess or be a chess expert? We have experienced teacher to guide you through the process. Pay up to M250.00 per month. Sign up today!! Contact us at: +266 2232 5722 or WhatsApp: +266 5975 0598

Sign up your kid for 2 hours hand crafts activities every Saturday from 15:00Hrs to 17:00Hrs to boost their intellectual skills and creativity for only M600.00 per kid per month! Contact +266 2232 5722 to sign up.


The Fête de la Musique (or World Music Day) is a popular and free music festival that has been taking place each year in France, internationally and in South Africa since 2010. In Maseru, it has become a great platform for both renowned and upcoming talents to make themselves known. Many local and international artists have taken part in the event throughout the years and contributed to its success, including among others, Morena Leraba! As like many other live events in 2020, the Fête de la Musique couldn’t happen last year. In 2021, the Fête de la Musique is back in full force with a new and exciting set-up! The festival will now take place at Alliance Francasie de Maseru on Friday Saturday 18th June from 10 am-8pm."


What a wonderful day the Alliance Française de Maseru Wonderful Team had with His Excellency Aurélien Lechevallier (French Ambassador to South Africa, Lesotho and Malawi) and his Delegation - Thursday, 10th June 😁😁😝😜😅 "


Happy International Women's Day from Alliance Française de Maseru! #LuipourElle #Heforshe #UNWomen « #HeForShe est une invitation adressée aux hommes et aux garçons et à toutes les personnes, quelle que soit leur identité de genre, à se déclarer solidaires des femmes et des filles afin de créer une force vive, visible et unie en faveur de l’égalité des sexes. » "#HeForShe is an invitation addressed to men and boys and to all people, whatever their gender identity, to declare themselves in solidarity with women and girls in order to create a living, visible and united force in favor of equality. of the sexes. "


The board and the team of the Alliance Française de Maseru are pleased to invite our members to the Assembly General Meeting of Alliance Française. This annual event will be held on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 at 17:00hrs ! **You want to be a MEMBER, join us with pleasure !!! Contact us at +(266) 223 257 22 / secretary@afmaseru.org.ls**

  • 17:00HRS
  • Alliance Francaise Maseru

Happy Regional Women's Day ! ☆☆☆☆☆
Click here to finally visit the amazing
International Women In Photo Association
online photography exhibition : https://www.artsteps.com/view/5ebaa7438df9fc4286ef7923 Who's your favorite artist?☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


Dark Blue Orchestra returns to Maseru after their last full packed concert here. Come and be steeped away in a cabaret-rock universe that is both broody and romantic. These guys are nothing but pure energy!
Introducing DBO will be singer-songwriter Tehri. Her music is a mix of neo soul, indie pop and reggae. Better be on time to catch all! Entrance Free.

  • 17:00HRS - 05:00HRS
  • Cafe What?

Join us at Alliance Francaise for a unique artistic and commemorative project. “Upright Men” is part of a long reflection by Bruce Clarke. This project stems from the desire to produce work-related memorial art forms to be presented during the commemorative ceremonies of the Tutsi genocide committed in Rwanda in 1994. Free entrance

  • 16:00HRS - 20:00HRS
  • Alliance Francaise, Corner Kingsway and Pioneer Road Maseru

Come to join us on the January 16th for a ‘SPECIAL’ TASTING WINE 2020 ! Together we will taste the festive bubbles while catching up on the plans for this new year! ☆☆ 6 SPARKLING WINE TASTINGS & 6 “MISES EN BOUCHE’’ ☆☆ Special price : M300/pers. Date : 16th of January at 6.00 pm at Alliance Française de Maseru ☆ Book your ticket before the 12/01/2020 at culture@afmaseru.org.ls Voulez-vous continuer les festivités avec nous ? Rejoignez-nous le 16 janvier pour une DÉGUSTATION DE VINS "SPÉCIALE 2020" ! Ensemble, nous goûterons aux fines bulles tout en sympathisant autour de nos projets 2020 ! ☆☆ 6 DÉGUSTATIONS DE VINS PÉTILLANTS ET 6 «MISES EN BOUCHE» ☆☆

  • 18:00HRS - 19:00HRS
  • Alliance Francaise, Corner Kingsway and Pioneer Road Maseru
“Quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a”
French Proverb